Job Code: DCH-MED-001

Duties & Responsibilities

Recommend and Create Patient Treatment Plans

To recommend and create comprehensive treatment plans for hospitalized patients. This includes working with the patient’s primary physician to create recovery plans for patients after they leave the hospital.

Refer Patients to Specialists

When a patient’s condition requires the care of a specialist, the hospitalist is responsible for making referrals and organizing plans. They work directly with the patient and their insurance provider to find an appropriate specialist.

Manage Patient Records

Hospitalists are responsible for managing the records of hospitalized patients. This includes updating information and charts in the hospital’s record software, keeping track of new treatments, and monitoring patient progress.

Answer Patient Questions and Concerns

A large part of being a hospitalist involves communicating directly with patients to answer their questions and address their concerns. Hospitalists need to actively listen so they can read between the lines and answer unspoken questions or concerns.

Manage Hospital Staff

Many hospitalists act as leaders for other hospital staff, leading nurses, anesthesiologists, and surgeons. As a part of this responsibility, hospitalists often manage conflict and hold performance reviews.


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Physician - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Job Code: DCH-MED-002

Duties & Responsibilities

. Diagnose, stabilize and treat new-borns babies with any serious illness or  life-threatening medical problems (such as breathing disorders, infections, and birth defects).

· Coordinate care and medically manage new-borns born premature, critically ill, or in need of surgery.

· Ensure that critically ill new-borns receive the proper care, nutrition for healing and growth.

· Provide care to the new born at a caesarean or other delivery that involves medical problems in the mother or baby that may compromise the infant’s health and require medical intervention in the delivery room.

· Consult with obstetricians, paediatricians, and family physicians about conditions affecting new born infants.

· Writing appropriate medical orders, to include orders for controlled substances, as required.

· Actively participates in daily patient rounds; documents patient status through appropriate use of admission H and P, daily progress notes, and discharge summaries

· Performing therapeutic interventions on an elective and/or emergency basis, including, but not limited to, endotracheal intubation, lumbar puncture, PICC lines, umbilical lines, and thoracostomy.

· Attending high-risk deliveries requiring expertise in delivery room resuscitation and stabilization, counsels families prior to delivery regarding anticipated events.

· Actively participating in daily patient rounds; documents patient status through appropriate use of admission H and P, daily progress notes, and discharge summaries.

· Practicing safety, environmental, and/or infection control methods

Requirements & Skills

Board certification in pediatrics with at least 3 years of experience

. Certification in Neonatology training

. Fellowship program for intensive care of infants

. Genuine passion for providing care to patients

. Willingness to work long hours tirelessly

. Ability to work under pressure and stress

. Good communication skills

. Should possess great patience and compassion and some sensitivity towards patients

. Knowledge of current and emerging trends in technologies, techniques, issues, and approaches in area of expertise.

. Ability to clearly communicate medical information to professional colleagues and the general public.

. Foundation knowledge of anatomy and physiology principles.


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Registered Nurse - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Job Code: DCH-MED-003

Duties & Responsibilities

. Evaluate and oversee patients in the NICU and report to any changes in condition.

. Adept in performing all advanced nursing procedures such monitoring hemodynamic stability of baby - vital signs, blood gasses, trouble-shooting ventilator or CPAP settings, intervene as appropriate using Pediatric Early Warning signs score, monitoring fluid balance, cannulation and IV Fluid management, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for newborn infants and accurate clinical documentation

. Maintain and calibrate NICU equipment for patient safety and support.

. Administer medications as prescribed by attending NICU physician

. Connect intravenous lines to administer medication and extract samples

. Obtain and evaluate test results

. Consult with physicians and other nurses on plan of care, progress and prognosis

. Experience in independent management of complex and specialized equipment such as ventilators.

. Assist physicians during treatments and communicate regularly with other members of the team during the entire shift.

. Providing emotional support and encouragement for parents.

. Communicate with parents the plan of care and scope of treatment

. Work closely with physicians and assist in treatment plans. 

. Examination and maintain and update records of the patient's care.

Requirements & Skills

Essential: BSc Nursing.

3 years Post Graduate experience in NICU

Current and valid RN license from Home Country

. Preferred: Post Graduate qualification/Certification in NICU

Completed Prometrics exam and Data flow for Qatar

. Working knowledge of all NICU equipment (e.g. ventilator, CPAP, incubators, Infusion Pumps etc.   

. Current PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) certificate a plus

. Excellent organizational skills.


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Nurse - Infection Control

Job Code: DCH-MED-004

Duties & Responsibilities

· She/he is required to develop additional clinical skills pertinent to the specialty.  They will be expected to coordinate the hospital wide infection and prevention control program to ensure effective measures are developed, implemented and maintained to identify, prevent and control infections acquired in the hospital or brought into the hospital from the community. Included is the development and implementation of programs to identify, track and trend any organization wide issues that could put patients, visitors, hospital and medical staff at risk. 

· The post holder is responsible for providing leadership and direction for all staff in relation to infection prevention and control initiatives.  She/he is expected to participate in appropriate education and research requirements.

· Provides consulting services for all hospital departments regarding infection prevention and control issues

· Assists in the identification, development of action plan, implementation and evaluation of infection prevention and control measures in coordination with hospital departments.

· Communicates in an effective, clear manner with all hospital departments and members of the medical staff to identify and resolve potential and existing infection prevention and control concerns.

· Develops and conducts ongoing health care surveillance throughout the organization, identifying risk factors and trends.  Works with departmental leadership on the correction of issues identified.  Conducts epidemiological investigations as needed.  Participates in environmental surveillance rounds.

· Provides ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the hospital infection prevention and control program. Prepares and presents an annual assessment of the infection prevention and control program when required. Designs, prepares and presents plans as appropriate.

· Prepares and reports quarterly to the concerned committee measurements, assessments and improvements based upon the statistical data obtained from infection prevention and control activities.

· Maintains and updates organization wide policies and procedures regarding infection prevention and control.  Coordinates the updating as needed, reviews and approves all department specific policies and procedures for content and appropriateness. Presents to the appropriate committee for approval.

· Maintains knowledge of current medical (includes CDC) regulatory and scientific procedures and literature related to infection prevention and control.

· Meets regulatory and accreditation requirements, including but not limited to JCI and Accreditation Canada.

· Presents information on infection prevention, control and employee health issues in the hospital, nursing orientation and in departments.

· Develops and presents educational programs to all hospital departments that provide direct patient care to increase awareness of the specific infection risks in their area.

· Plans, evaluates and revises the infection prevention and control system as needed.  Provides educational programs to hospital staff regarding infection prevention and control.

· Effectively develops an organizational culture conducive to the establishment and maintenance of good infection prevention control practices.

· Promotes a learning environment that both encourages and facilitates staff education in the area of infection prevention and control.

Requirements & Skills

· Registered General Nurse license in good standing.

· Post graduate certification in infection control is preferred.

· 5 years post registration experience.

· 2 years clinical experience in infection prevention and control

· Able to use own initiative.

· Ability to work as part of the multidisciplinary team. 

· Effective communication skills.

· Committed to service.

· Workload management


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Nurse - OT

Job Code: DCH-MED-005

Duties & Responsibilities

· Ensures optimal health, safety and security for own work place and cooperates with leaders to ensure a safe environment for colleagues and patients in Doha Clinic Hospital including tasks that are undertaken as a routine part of one’s work.  

. Coordinates with the healthcare team to ensure the provision of services which are in the interests of the patients, families and general public or services that support the smooth running of   Doha Clinic Hospital.

. Provides direct patient care, evaluates outcomes, consults with other specialists as required and adjusts nursing care processes to ensure optimal patient care.

. Inspects area daily for compliance with policies, procedures, regulations and standards and takes corrective action when violation occurs.

. Prepares patient for scheduled procedures.

. Monitors medical condition of patients and reports changes to appropriate personnel.

. Assists surgical team during operative procedures.

. Administers medication as directed and ordered by the anesthetist/surgeon.

. Ensures adequate stock of supplies, and maintains established PAR levels and proper functioning of equipment. 

. Accepts responsibilities of a preceptor and orients, instructs and trains personnel as assigned by superiors.

. Monitors and ensures accuracy of recording in patients’ medical record. Maintains all required reports, records, statistics etc.

. Maintains a safe, comfortable and therapeutic environment for patients/families in accordance with hospital standards.

. Enhances professional growth and development through participation in educational programs, current literature, in-services, meetings and workshops.

. Reports adverse occurrences, if any during or after procedure, as per hospital policy.

. Performs other related duties as assigned or requested.

Requirements & Skills

· Bachelor’s degree in nursing or equivalent qualification of not less than 3 years study duration in “Nursing” from accredited program after completion of 12 years high school.


. Associate degree in Nursing recognized by country of current license for Registered General Nurse (RGN)

· ACLS, PALS relevant to area of specialty. ILS, ALS, PLS are accepted.

· Not less than 4 years post graduate clinical experience in an appropriate acute care setting.

· years operating theatre experience preferred.


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